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It’s a true and gradual life lesson that Change is the only Constant and we, as orthopedicians have tried to always stay on the fore front.

Working on the same lines, we have launched Conceptual Orthopedics a Unique Online Programme providing Clinical & Surgical training to budding Orthopedicians as per the standard guidelines

Conceptual Orthopedics is world's first web based Application for education to Orthopedic Trainees - MS Ortho / DNB Ortho Resident Doctors, Practitioners & budding Orthopedic Surgeons.

To provide you with the best training, some of the most committed Orthopedicians with excellent academic background have come together to share the most valuable assets - their knowledge, experience and achievements earned over years of dedicated orthopedics practice. 

The aim of Conceptual Orthopedics is to provide standard training to orthopedics students to understand clinical & surgical skills right from THE BASICS, building strong concepts and keeping them abreast with the recent advances. 

Through the App, we have tried to create " A National Classroom" for dissemination of knowledge to every student desirous of getting it with no limits on the number of students and no selection criteria. Our trainees can learn from the best teachers in the world on everyday basis through their cell phones anytime & anywhere as per their convenience. 

Using Latest Technologies, Conceptual Orthopedics App provides:

    - Clinical Case Presentations - Theory Discussions - Step by Step Live Surgical Videos -Trauma & Surgical Approaches -Pediatric Ortho -Tumors -Arthroplasty & Arthroscopy -Orthotics & Prosthesis -Recent Advances -OSCE - The New Practical Exam Pattern -MCQ Discussion -Quick Revision Also, -Theory Notes -Case Notes with FAQ's -Viva Q & A -Weekly Live Webinars. Mentorship Programmes by the senior academicians - Live Interactive Sessions - Doubt Clearing Sessions - Thesis Guidance

Under Our Mentorship Program - A Privilege for Our Premium Subscribers; We conduct Live Interactive Sessions between Conceptual Faculties and our Premium Subscribers to ensure all the trainees achieve standard education and skills.

Our Faculty

The following Legendary faculties (also MS / DNB Examiners) with an experience of 35 - 60 Years have come together with the aim to standardize orthopedic education and elevate the level of teaching in our country

1. Prof. Dr. S.M. Tuli
Father of Bone and Joint Tuberculosis
Head of Department Orthopedics VIMHANS Niyati Hospital Delhi
64 years of Orthopedics experience.
Ex Director of IMS,BHU,Varanasi.

2. Prof. Dr. Sudhir Kumar
Finest Orthopedician with 40 years of experience clinical, surgical and as an examiner
Ex-Director Professor & Head of Department Orthopedics, UCMS & GTB Delhi
Head of Department Orthopedics, Sharda University, Noida

3. Prof. Dr. Shantharam Shetty
Popularly known as Jewel of Our Nation
With 35 years of experience as the finest Orthopedic Surgeon of International Repute
Pro Chancellor NITTE University, Chairman Tejasvini Hospital Mangalore.

4. Prof. Dr. Anil Dhal
Listed as a Noteworthy Orthopedic Surgeon & Professor of Excellence
Ex Director Professor and Head of Department of Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi
Head of Department, ESI Hospital, Faridabad

5. Prof. Dr. V.B. Bhasin
Pioneer of Arthroscopy of Joints in India
Ex- Head of Department Orthopedics Sir Gangaram Hospital Delhi

6. Prof. Dr. Mathew Varghese
Honoured by Bill Gates as 'One of the Five Saviours of World".
HEAD of Department Orthopedics St. Stephens Hospital Delhi

7. Prof. Dr. Shekhar Aggarwal
Pioneer of Joint Replacements in India & the World
Has been honored with Dr.B.C Roy Award
Vice President Executive Director and Chief Surgeon, Sant Parmanand Hospital,Delhi

8. Prof. Dr. Gopakumar T.S
Key Faculty of Calicut PG course
Ex -Director Professor & Head of Department Orthopedics, Government Medical College, Trivandrum
Noteworthy Professor Paediatric Orthopaedics

9. Prof. Dr. Ajith Kumar
Head of Department Orthopedics, Tejaswini Hospital, Mangalore
Specialities : Joint replacement, Arthroscopy, Pediatric Orthopaedics.

10 Prof. Dr.vShubhranshu Shekhar Mohanty
A world authority on Management of Haemophilia Joints.
Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai

11 Padma Shree Prof. Dr. Mayil Natarajan
He has been honored with Dr.B.C Roy Award
Pioneer in Orthopedic Oncology in India
7th Vice Chancellor The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University

12. Dr. Vivek Verma
Orthopedic Oncologist, Max Hospitals,
Patparganj Delhi, Vaishali NCR &Dehdrdun
Orthopedic Oncology Tata Memorial Cancer Centre Mumbai

13. Dr. Shailesh Pai
Consultant Trauma & Pelviacetabular Surgeon
Tejasvini Hospital & SSIOT , Mangalore

14. Dr. Harpreet Singh
Consultant Orthopedics Surgeon
Speciality: Shoulder, Spine, Upper Limb and Tetra hand Surgeon
Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Delhi

Along with distinguished educator Dr.Apurv Mehra and 14 more Orthopedic Consultants have come together on one common platform to create content that is coherent, current, clear, and conceptual

To Be The Best, Come & Learn From The Best Team anytime & anywhere

Conceptual Orthopedics where learning never ends